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    Meet Idalia

    When I created Idalia Baudo jewelry I thought deeply about what defined it, why I was doing it, and what motivated me to follow this path, which in the beginning, wasn’t always clear and straight forward. I believe a distinct set of circumstances has brought me to this moment in time.

    First, my childhood, growing up in Krakow. An amazing, historic city I find inspiration in every time I see it. Either in person or photos, from picturesque coffee shops, old cobblestone streets, which hold many untold stories, to breathtaking monuments, theaters, galleries, night life, to my amazing friends and family, I think of those times with so much love and warmth in my heart. Especially the ones I associate with my family, predominantly my father, who was the most amazing force behind it all. A creative soul, whose giving nature and outgoing personality always brought us new adventures and business ventures. Whether it was starting his own company, traveling for business or pleasure, vacationing in amazing places, experiencing cultures and customs, he liked to challenge the status quo and make me realize life wasn’t always perfect. He taught me that in order to appreciate life, I needed to experience all facets of life. He was so dedicated to those life lessons that in high school he refused to buy me a snowboard, unless I sold my skis or my beloved mountain bike. At the time, I didn’t understand. I thought he was cruel and demanding, making me always finish what I started and follow through on my word. Fast forward to today, he is gone. Cancer took him too early, he had so much more to do, teach and experience. Thankfully, his spirit lives on, giving me strength to be the best I can be, demand of myself to be the most loving mom to my two munchkins, to be a supportive and understanding wife, an honest, creative and aspiring business woman, and a compassionate friend and human being, the way my Dad would have expected me to be.

    I am, who I am predominantly because of him, and I intend to further his legacy of love, passion, honesty, creativity and an unprecedented work ethic through IB jewelry. I cannot say enough, how grateful I am for all my life’s experiences, including working in different family businesses since I was very young, then after college venturing outside the family business to my first position with Nordstrom, where I managed their jewelry department. This leap led to my love affair with jewelry. I was then given an opportunity to further pursue my passion with Neiman Marcus. After then working in banking, I came to the ultimate decision to fully pursue my passion for jewelry and design. I arrived at this milestone in my life backed by the amazing people I met along the way and the experiences which have shaped me. Thank you all for your love and support!

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