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    Meet Kyleigh McCollam, a local Palm Beach blogger. It is so humbling to hear Kyleigh’s interpretation of IB jewelry. She must know me better than I have thought...Love how she styled the pieces and made them her own!

    Here is to timeless beauty with always inspiring and uplifting Jen Adams (@interordesignerella). Check out what she had to say about her IB pieces and how she styled them.

    So excited to share with you The Style Bungalow blog post, featuring the IB jewelry! I was so touched by Stephanie's mention of the brand and how we came about, making me realize how far we've come, with still so much more to look forward to!
    When I created Idalia Baudo jewelry I thought deeply about what defined it, why I was doing it, and what motivated me to follow this path, which in the beginning, wasn’t always clear and straight forward. I believe a distinct set of circumstances has brought me to this moment in time. First, my childhood, growing […]
    I am in an awe with the photos of @thecashmeregypsy blog and her gorgeous feature of IB jewelry. It is whimsical and so romantic, making me want to let loose and run on this beautiful field in wellies boots, taking me back to my childhood! I love how she styled our Palazzo gold mesh bracelet […]
    Cathy @themiddlepageblog is such an inspiration! A breast cancer survivor, a mom and grandmother (she certainly doesn’t look like one!) has a zest for life and fashion. I adore her style and was thrilled to work with her and humbled she loved my jewelry and wanted to write about it! Cathy made it look effortless […]
    Ok, so who doesn’t love dogs? More importantly puppies! I am always a sucker! Hence, I love love what Hannah, another fun influencer did in her recent post! I think I love the doggies more than the jewels! She styled our Novo choker, Novo gold Lariat and the Novo cocktail ring. Follow Vogue in Vines
    So excited to share with you this post as I introduce you to Aylin, the fab influencer I got to know, while she recently blogged about IB Jewelry! She is fabulous and I hope you will love her as much as we do! Check it out for yourselves and let me know your comments. Would […]
    The other day I was truly touched, when one of the moms from my daughter’s school told me I was an inspiration and she had no idea how I managed it all. At first I was so surprised to hear it, I didn’t know what to say except Thank You. However, after a brief moment […]